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Esogetics Colorpuncture
Light & Crystal Therapy

What is Esogetic Colorpuncture™?

In an Esogetic Colorpuncture session, our practitioner uses precise frequencies of colored light that are applied to acu-points on the skin using a hand-held light wand with specially designed, interchangeable glass rods. Each treatment consists of a specific set of points treated in sequence using a prescribed pattern of colors. These treatments stimulate acupuncture meridians and promote healing and better health. These treatments regulate the energy and information flow related to all the different systems of the body.

Esogetic Colorpuncture is a state-of-the-art holistic mind and body healing technology which offers a unique way to get to the very roots of many health problems. It combines knowledge derived from Chinese medicine and other energetic healing systems, modern photon biophysics and new biology, with insights from ancient esoteric healing philosophies, in order to create a new and unique system of informative/energetic healing. The method involves colored light therapies, infrared frequencies, ultraviolet frequencies, brainwave therapy, sound therapies and crystal therapies.

How and Why Does Esogetic Colorpuncture Work?

Esogetic Colorpuncture uses points and zones on the skin to transmit light through the body’s energetic pathways. From the Esogetic perspective, the skin contains a grid or hologram of information pathways that can be used to send corrective light signals into the body-mind structure. This understanding reflects the thinking of researchers like Bruce Lipton.  According to recent scientific findings, light frequencies can penetrate deeply into our cells, They can restore cellular communication and support the body’s natural healing processes. 

In a Colorpuncture treatment, precise frequencies of colored light are applied to the skin using a hand-held acu-light wand (see Equipment and Products) with specially designed, interchangeable glass rods that emit different colors of light through focused tips. Each colored tip communicates different wavelength information into the system. Each Colorpuncture treatment consists of a specific set of points treated in sequence using a prescribed sequence of colors. These treatments regulate the energy and information flow related to all the different systems of the body.

Healing Subconscious Traumatic Stress with Esogetic Colorpuncture

Light and color also have a unique capacity to enter the subconscious and bring suppressed material (feelings, memories, etc.) up into conscious awareness quickly and effectively. In Esogetics, we say that light is able to release and clear the imprints of past psychological traumatic stress stored in the cellular memory banks. In fact, an important premise of Esogetics is that illness and pain are often signals of deeper disharmonies in the psyche and spirit. If left unhealed, these deeper disharmonies gradually disturb cellular communication in the physical body.  The healing practitioner must assist the client in uncovering and listening to these deeper signals of their souls and their subconscious.  Esogetic Colorpuncture offers a powerful tool for addressing the very roots of illness at emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Many of these treatments are designed to gently excavate and release buried emotions as well as blocked psychological and even spiritual information.  At the same time, other treatments work to support the brain and nervous system in clearing and processing traumatic imprints. Patients often report dramatic improvements in their psycho-emotional state and sense of life purpose, even as their bodies are supported in healing.

  • Treatment of migraines with Colorpuncture therapies in 56 patients resulted in 65% “cured” (no migraine attacks in the past 3 months) and 30% “improved” (attacks less severe and patients able to work without difficulty).  Only 5% reported no improvement with treatment.

  • Treatment of sleep disturbances in 80 preschool children conducted over a 3-year period showed 56% of children were completely cured and 38% were improved.

  • Treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis in 50 adults found 80% experienced “good improvement and 14% experienced “moderate improvement.” Patients receiving colorpuncture in combination with medications took fewer medications for shorter periods of time and showed prompt improvement of often uncontrollable coughing.

  • In a pilot study of 5 children, colorpuncture therapies for learning disorders and ADD were used, including therapies to regulate brain function and clear negative prenatal imprints. All five children showed dramatic improvement in school performance.

  •  Colorpuncture treatment of 100 women suffering from fibroids which did not require immediate surgery showed fibroids completely disappeared in 33% of the women and decreased significantly in another 45%.


Svetlana ParquetteE-RYT, LMT MA88118

Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Trainer, Advanced Yoga Teacher, Qigong Teacher

Svetlana was first introduced to Yoga in 1991 in Kazan, Russia. She completed her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher training in 2008. Svetlana then completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training at Sacred Rivers Yoga School in Glastonbury, CT in 2013. Svetlana obtained further education through additional coursework in yoga tailored for the seniors, children, and families. She additionally trained in Tai Chi for Beginners, and QiGong, as well as Reiki.


Svetlana established the Melody Motion Yoga and Wellness Studio in Deep River, CT, and used her training and experience to provide a variety of classes from 2008 through 2013. Upon her relocation to Port Charlotte, FL in 2013, Svetlana applied her experience and skills in Personal Training and Fitness in running the Curves franchise between 2013 and 2017. 


Always fascinated by the complexity of the human body, Svetlana attended the Florida Massage Academy in Fort Myers, FL (LMT MA88118) to further her understanding of the body’s ability to heal . 


She is the mother of two daughters, and an energetic grandson, who is a constant inspiration for her Family Yoga program.

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