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Massage Therapy


60 MIN/$80 | 90 MIN $110

Wellness isn't linear and your massage shouldn't be either! Each custom therapeutic massage will begin with a brief check in. Depending on your personal needs, your therapist will incorporate a series of modalities such as Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Healing/Reiki, and more, bringing a specialized approach and valuable insight into your health & wellness journey. To find the right therapist for you, be sure to check out our bio page.   

Back Massage


60 MIN/$70 | 90 MIN/$95

Swedish Massage is one of the most commonly offered massage techniques around. This technique aims to promote deep relaxation by releasing muscle tension through soft, long, kneading strokes on the topmost layers of the muscles. Some of the many benefits of Swedish Massage include:

  • Pain management

  • Decreased Stress & Increased Relaxation

  • Increases Flexibility & Range of Motion

  • Increases Overall Energy

  • Improve Posture

  • Increase Blood Flow

  • Endorphin Release to Improve Mood

  • Support Healthy Immunity

  • Improve Sleep

  • Relieve Headaches


This is a seasonal offering only available January - March.

Reiki Treatment


60 MIN/$80 | 90 MIN $110

Energetic Healing is a powerful holistic therapy that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force, making it available to shift physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction to overall health and well-being. Energy Healing is based on the understanding that the human energy field is a dynamic system of powerful influences, in a unique relationship to physical, emotional, and spiritual layers of Self.

Energy healing can be beneficial whether you have been diagnosed with a physical disease or are experiencing physical discomfort, struggling with mental or emotional difficulties, or looking to bring your mind, body, and spirit into alignment. Energy Healing opens you up to a deeper sense of ease, well-being, and purpose, and brings you back to your true self.

This service is supportive for patients in all phases of traditional medical care and treatment. It is effective as an independent therapy and is also extremely successful as an adjunct therapy to traditional healthcare. 



60 MIN/$80 | 90 MIN $110

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that’s mainly used to treat musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries. It involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. This helps to break up scar tissue that forms following an injury and reduce tension in muscle and tissue. It may also promote faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Deep tissue massage offers both physical and psychological benefits. Unlike other massage techniques that focus on relaxation, deep tissue massage helps to treat muscle pain and improve stiffness. But it can still help to you unwind mentally, too.



60 MIN/$80 | 90 MIN $110

Prenatal massage is a deeply relaxing treatment catered to the expecting mother, using comfortable cushions and being in the side-lying position to help ease pressure off of the abdomen and low back. One of the focuses of the session is reducing stress, as stress can have a negative impact on pregnancy, labor and postpartum recovery. Prenatal massage can help with related physical discomforts such muscle pain and tension in the lower back, hips and feet, reduce swelling, increase circulation. Specific techniques are used, and others are avoided to provide a safe, relaxing massage for the expecting mother. 



45 MIN/$60 | 60 MIN/$80

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system - comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. Using a soft touch generally no greater than 5 grams, or about the weight of a nickel, practitioners release restrictions in the craniosacral system, which has been shown to improve the functioning of the central nervous system, as well as many other systems of the body, such as digestive, musculoskeletal, respiratory, circulatory, and more. CST has also been shown to help with the physical components related to such somatic conditions as Post Traumatic Stress, depression and anxiety.

By facilitating the body's natural and innate healing processes, CST is increasingly used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease, and is effective for helping people with a wide range of healthcare challenges associated with pain and dysfunction.

Resource: https://www.upledger.com


This is a seasonal offering only available January - March.




60 MIN/$75 | 90 MIN/$100

Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy is the brief application of concentrated DC microcurrent impulses to specific treatment points to relax muscles, calm the nervous system and release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. MPS is applied to both acupuncture and myofascial trigger points (MPTs) in protocols that stimulate all three healing systems — nervous, muscular and endocrine – at once, making MPS therapy an effective tool for treating many chronic and acute soft-tissue pain conditions.

MPS Therapy is also beneficial for scar treatment, using the Scar Release Therapy (SRT) protocol. SRT is a safe, clinically tested, and proven solution to reduce the negative influences of scarring on one’s body. SRT uses the latest scientific advances to address both chronic pain and dermal scarring that occurs post-trauma or surgery. SRT applies Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS), a patented solution that is based on the scientific concept of increasing the skin’s inter-cellular metabolism, protein synthesis, and healing to re-awaken its ability to regenerate. By targeting direct cellular stimulation of microcurrent waves through the scars, this simple procedure works by releasing the tense scar contracture which in turn reduces dermal trauma, adhesions, and fascial restrictions.

Your session may include a combination of MPS and massage therapy or only MPS therapy, depending on the session goals discussed between you and your therapist.

Resource: https://www.dolphinmps.com/mps-therapy/


This is a seasonal offering only available January - March.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.jpeg


60 MIN/$80

Lomi lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of massage techniques, nut oils, and sometimes elements of prayer, breathing and dance to restore energy and soothe the body. It is also known as the 'loving hands' massage. This name helps to explain its principles - the massage works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, allowing the recipient to relax and give in to the nurturing touch.

Lomi lomi works from the belief that memories are not just stored in the brain and mind, but also in every cell of the human body. The long, continuous strokes of the massage are designed to help the body let go of its old patterns and behaviours, which can cause as many stresses and strains as muscle tension.


Benefits of Lomi lomi Massage:

Lomi lomi aims to treat the body and mind as one whole being. It is thought to:

  • release tension

  • assist blood and lymph flow

  • eliminate waste and stimulate toxins

  • rejuvenate the body

  • instil a sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing



60 MIN/$70

A custom yoga class just for you! Your goals, your pace, your timeline.

Through individualized guidance, direction, and support your teacher will bring their own specialized approach and knowledge of yoga to enhance your practice experience and reach your goals. 

Why Private Yoga instruction?

  • Trying Yoga for the first time, want more information

  • Prefer a greater level of guidance or more personalized experience 

  • Want to ask questions about yoga practices 

  • Prefer individual attention to alignment and breathing

  • Want to learn about philosophy, relaxation or meditation

  • Are curious about deeper levels, would like to expand knowledge base

  • Interested in focusing on a particular pose or group of poses

  • Need to learn how to modify poses for your body or work more skillfully with (non-acute) injury

  • Want to feel more confident in group classes setting

  • Have a busy schedule, just want to set your own class times

  • Established practitioners feeling stuck in their practice and in need of personalized input

  • Need help creating a structure for personal practice

House Blessing.jpeg


60 MIN/$80 

Matt Loflin brings his knowledge of science and energy to examine your property and bless the home. Tools such as crystals, smudging, a tri-field magnetic meter and more may be used to assess and bless the property.

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